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Set EAA-chi-001. Highlights of Alexei Alexeev's research travels and his exploration of Chinese museum collections, archaeological sites, and religious complexes in quest of artefacts featuring ophidian iconography. A complete list of visited and prospective locations is available on the Sources introductory page of the Compendium.

Expedition: Dates: Locations: Collections/Monuments:
First Chinese

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29 August -
1 October

● Zijin Cheng (Purple Forbidden City) & Gugong Bowuyuan (Former Palace Museum), Outer (Front/South) Court: Wu Men (Gate of Meridian), Taihe Men (Gate of Supreme Harmony), Taihe Dian (Hall of Supreme Harmony), Zhonghe Dian (Hall of Central Harmony), Baohe Dian (Hall of Preserving Harmony); Inner (Back/North) Court: Qianqing Gong (Palace of Heavenly Purity), Jiao Tai Dian (Hall of Union), Kun Ning Gong (Palace of Earthly Tranquility), Qianlong Gong (Palace of Tranquil Longevity) & Jiu Long Bi (Nine Dragons Screen), Imperial Garden, Shenwu Men (Gate of Divine Might)
● Urban Fortifications: Tianan Men (Gate of Heavenly Peace), Zhengyang Men (Gate of Zenith Sun), Qian Men (Front Gate), Desheng Men (Gate of Virtuous Triumph), Zhou Lou (Bell Tower),
Gu Lou (Drum Tower)
● Urban Parks: Jingshan (Prospect Mountain) Park, Beihai (North Sea) Park & Bai Ta (White Dagoba)
● Temple Complexes: Tian Tan (Temple of Heaven), Di Tan (Temple of Earth), Yonghe Gong (Palace of Peace & Harmony/
Lama Temple), Kong Miao (Temple of Confucius) & Guozijian (Imperial Academy), Baiyun Guan (Temple of White Cloud), Niujie Libaisi (Oxen Street Mosque), Fayuan Si (Fayuan Temple)
● Gu Guanxiangtai (Astronomical Observatory)
    Badaling, Mutianyu, Juyongguan Great Wall: Watchtowers, Gates, Fortifications, Yuntai (Cloud Platform)
    Changping Ming Shisan Ling (Ming Dynasty Thirteen Imperial Tombs): Chang Ling (Tomb of Eternity), Ding Ling (Tomb of Stability), Shendao (Spirit Way)
    Chengde Wai Ba Miao (Eight Outer Temples): Putuo Zongcheng Zhi Miao (Temple of Little Potala Palace), Xumi Fushou Zhi Miao (Temple of Happiness & Longevity of Sumeru Mountain), Puning Si (Temple of Universal Peace/Big Buddha Temple), Pule Si (Temple of Universal Happiness)
    Datong City Walls & Gates, Jiu Long Bi (Nine Dragons Screen), Huayan Si (Huayan Temple), Shanhua Si (Shanhua Temple) & Wu Long Bi (Five Dragons Screen)
    Yungang Yungang Shiku (Hill of Clouds Grottoes) Cave Complex (Cave 5, Cave 6, Cave 7, Cave 8, Cave 9, Cave 10, Cave 11, Cave 12,
Cave 13, Cave 14, Cave 15, Cave 17, Cave 18, Cave 19, Cave 20,
Cave 21, Cave 39)
    Hengshan Xuankong Si (Hanging Temple)
    Yingxian Fogong Si (Fogong Temple) & Shijia Ta/Mu Ta (Shakyamuni/
Timber Pagoda)
    Wutaishan Tayuan Si (Temple of Great Ionians) & Dabai Ta (Big White Pagoda), Luohou Si (Luohou Temple), Zhonglou (Zhonglou Shrine), Xiantong Si (Xiantong Temple), Yuanzhou Si (Yuanzhou Temple), Guanzong Si (Guanzong Temple), Pusa Ding (Pusa Ding Shrine), Foguang Si (Foguang Temple), Nanchan Si (Nanchan Temple)
    Taiyuan Shanxi Museum, Yongzuo Si (Yongzuo Temple) & Shuang Ta (Twin Pagoda), Chongshan Si (Chongshan Temple)
    Pingyao City Walls & Gates, Bell Tower, Kong Miao (Temple of Confucius), Pingyao Cheng Huang Miao (Temple of Pingyao City God), Yamen County Houses & Streets
    Shijiazhuang Hebei Museum
    Zhengding City Walls & Gates, Longxing (Dafo) Si (Longxing Temple), Tianning Si (Tianning Temple) & Lingxiao Ta (Lingxiao Pagoda), Kaiyuan Si (Kaiyuan Temple) & Xumi Ta (Sumeru Pagoda), Linji Si (Linji Temple) & Chengling Ta (Chengling Pagoda), Guanghui Si (Guanghui Temple) & Hua Ta (Flower Pagoda)
    Zhaoxian Anji/Dashi Qiao (Safe Crossing/Great Stone Bridge), Bailin Si (Temple of Cypress Trees) & Zhaozhou Ta (Zhaozhou Pagoda)
    Zhengzhou Henan Museum
    Luoyang Luoyang Museum, Ancient Tombs, Baima Si (White Horse Temple)
    Longmen Longmen Shiku (Dragon's Gate Grottoes) Cave Complex
    Songshan Shaolin Si (Shao Forest Temple), Ta Lin Yuan (Pagodas Forest), Songyue Si Ta (Songyue Pagoda), Fawang Si Ta (Fawang Pagoda), Zhongyue Miao (Zhongyue Temple)
    Xi'an City Walls & Gates
    Lintong Qin Shihuang Ling Mausoleum & Terracota Army
    Anyang Yinxu (Yin Ruins) Tombs Complex & Museum
    Kaifeng Youguo Si (Youguo Temple) & Tie Ta (Iron Pagoda), Long Ting (Dragon Pavilion), Shanshangan Huiguan Guild Hall, Da Xiangguo Si (Da Xiangguo Temple), Yanqing Guan (Yanqing Temple), Po Ta (Buddha Pagoda)
    Qufu City Walls & Gates, Kong Miao (Temple of Confucius), Kong Fu (Kong Family Mansion), Yan Miao (Temple of Yan Hui), Kong Lin (Forest of Gravestones Kong Family Cemetery), Shou Qiu (Longevity Hill) & Shaohao Ling Tomb Complex
    Taishan Dai Miao Si (Dai Miao Temple), Bixia Ci (Blue Dawn Temple)

Source-Image(s): All images are from Alexei Alexeev's personal photo archive. All artefacts will be available for viewing in the Compendium's respective volumes after the completion of the fully integrated iconographic database. Some of the artefacts will be represented by several figures (offering a general view and details).

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