Serpentarium Mundi of Alexei Alexeev The Ophidian Iconography Quest (Mundus Vetus & Mundus Novus, 2004 - present)
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Map WCA-isr-001. Highlights of Alexei Alexeev's research travels and his exploration of Israeli museum collections, archaeological sites, and religious complexes in quest of artefacts featuring ophidian iconography. A complete list of visited and prospective locations is available on the Sources introductory page of the Compendium. The locations of the museum collections are indicated on the map by the round bullets [], and archaeological sites and religious complexes (where artefacts can be observed in situ) by the rhombic bullets []. In cases when the in situ sites colocate with the museums, priority is given to indicating the most representative entity.

Expedition: Dates: Locations: Collections/Monuments:
First Israel

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(Comprehensive Survey)
1-23 February

● Museums: Israel Museum, Bible Lands Museum, Rockefeller Archaeological Museum, Jerusalem Archaeological Park & Davidson Center, Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem, L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art
● Churches & Temples: Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Church
of the Flagellation & Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Church
of Saint Anne & Museum, Temple of Asclepios-Serapis & Pools
of Bethesda
● Urban Complex: Sultan's (Serpent's?) Pool
    Beth Guvrin,
Beth Guvrin-Maresha National Park (Sidonian Burial Cave Complex: Apollophanaes Family Tomb)
    Lod Church of Saint George
    Jaffa Rock of Ariadna
    Tel Aviv Eretz Israel Museum, Beth Hatfutsot Museum
    Caesarea Maritima Caesarea Archaeological Park
    Haifa Hecht Museum
    Beth Shean Beth Shean National Park
    Beth Alfa Beth Alfa Synagogue National Park
    Nazareth Basilica of the Annunciation
    Tsipori Tsipori National Park (Orpheus House, Nile Festival House, Dionysos House, Ancient Synagogue)
    Hammat Tiberias Hammat Tiberias National Park (Ancient Synagogue)
    Capernaum Capernaum National Park (Ancient Synagogue), Church of the Holy Apostles
    Katzrin Golan Archaeological Museum, Ancient Village & Synagogue Park
    Tel Beer Sheva Tel Beer Sheva National Park
    Qumran Qumran National Park
    Ein Gedi Ein Gedi National Park (Ancient Synagogue)
    Masada Masada National Park (Serpent Path & Fortress)

Source-Image(s): All images are from Alexei Alexeev's personal photo archive. All artefacts will be available for viewing in the Compendium's respective volumes after the completion of the fully integrated iconographic database. Some of the artefacts will be represented by several figures (offering a general view and details). The schematic map is designed by Alexei Alexeev.

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