Serpentarium Mundi of Alexei Alexeev The Ophidian Iconography Quest (Mundus Vetus & Mundus Novus, 2004 - present)
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Set NAF-egy-001. Highlights of Alexei Alexeev's research travels and his exploration of Egyptian museum collections, archaeological sites, and religious complexes in quest of artefacts featuring ophidian iconography. A complete list of visited and prospective locations is available on the Sources introductory page of the Compendium.

Expedition: Dates: Locations: Collections/Monuments:
First Egyptian

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5-19 March
Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
Giza, Saqqara Memphis Pyramid Complexes & Necropoleis (Djoser, Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure)
Abydos Abydos Temple Complex (Mortuary Temple of Seti I, Great Temple of Osiris, Cenotaph Temple of Ramses II)
Dendera Dendera Temple Complex (Temple of Hathor, Temple of the Birth of Isis, Sanatorium, Mammisi of Nectanebo II, Roman Mammisi)
Luxor, Karnak Luxor Museum & Thebes Temple Complexes:
● Precinct of Amon-Ra (Great Hypostyle Hall & Temple of Amon, Festival Hall of Tuthmosis III, Temple of Ramses II, Temple of Ptah & Hathor, Temple of Ramses III, Temple of Taharqa, Temple of Khonsu, Temple of Opet, Temple of Amenhotep III, White Chapel of Senusret I, Red Chapel of Hatshepsut)
● Precinct of Mut (Temple of Mut, Temple of Khonsupakherod, Temple of Ramses III)
● Precinct of Montu (Temple of Montu, Temple of Harpare, Temple of Maat)
● Temple of Amenhotep IV
● Temple of Amon, Mut, Khonsu
West Bank West Thebes Necropoleis & Temple Complexes:
● Valley of the Kings (KV2 Ramses IV, KV8 Merneptah,
KV9 Ramses V & Ramses VI, KV16 Ramses I, KV17 Seti I,
KV34 Tuthmosis III, KV35 Amenhotep II, KV57 Horemheb,
KV62 Tutankhamon)
● Tombs of the Nobles (TT1 Sennedjem, TT3 Pashedu, TT96 Sennefer, TT100 Rekhmere, TT359 Inherkhau)
● Deir el-Bahari (Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut)
● Medinet Habu (Mortuary Temple of Ramses III)
Edfu Temple of Horus, Hathor, Harsomtus
Kom Ombo Temple of Sobek, Haroeris, Hathor, Khonsu
Philae (Agilika) Temple of Isis
Abu Simbel Temple Complex (Great Temple of Amon, Ra-Horakhty, Ptah, Temple of Hathor & Nefertari)

Source-Image(s): All images are from Alexei Alexeev's personal photo archive. All artefacts will be available for viewing in the Compendium's respective volumes after the completion of the fully integrated iconographic database. Some of the artefacts will be represented by several figures (offering a general view and details).

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