Serpentarium Mundi by Alexei Alexeev The Ancient Ophidian Iconography Resource (Mundus Vetus, 3000 BC - 650 AD)
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Description. Volume IV contains a selection of iconographical subjects represented on decorated vessels: vases, urns, bottles, jugs, cups, bowls, and plates in a variety of materials (ceramic, bronze, silver, gold, glass, etc.).

This volume is divided into 6 specialized chapters, based on the type of iconographical subject and the context. Every chapter has a different number of articles (currently none). Each article has a different number of records (currently none). The artefacts are represented by two figures (the primary and secondary) offering a general view and details. The primary figures' thumbnails are placed into the 5 x 6 basic gallery grid which is expanded vertically by adding extra rows when needed. Each primary figure has a unique code, based on a universal formula: N-n-xxx-nnn (Volume Number - Chapter Number - Abbreviated Article Name - Figure Number).

Currently, 0 articles in 0 chapters are available, and Volume IV contains 0 records.

--------------------------------------------------------- « ● Classical Epigraph ● » ---------------------------------------------------------

⟨...⟩ a silver vinegar-cruet with figures that resemble snakes [δράκων] worked in relief ⟨...⟩

Author: Work: Fragment(s): Translator(s): Collection & Publisher:
of Naucratis
(c. late 100s-early
200s AD)
The Learned
VI: 230, e S. Douglas Olson Loeb Classical Library
(LCL 224) © Harvard
University Press, 2008

Editorial notes: The curator's and/or translator's notes are placed inside square brackets and indicated by the quartz colour. The intentionally omitted textual fragments are indicated by an ellipsis placed inside angle brackets. Direct mentions of the main subject are indicated by the azure colour. Direct mentions of snakes/serpents and their derivatives are indicated by the amber colour and complemented by references to the sources' original language and the words' lemmas. Important descriptive details are indicated by the malachite colour.

Source-Image(s): Volume IV source-images come from both internal and external resources (see below). Every attempt is made to maximize use of the curator's own photographic database. The rest of the source-images come from online resources and digital scans. In each case, the copyright holder’s permission was acquired and the courtesy gratefully acknowledged.
● Personal Photo Archive:
Alexei Alexeev Curator Ottawa, Canada
● Museums' Collections Online:
Bibliothèque Nationale
de France
Cabinet des Médailles Paris, France
British Museum

Main Collection London, UK
Main Collection Vienna, Austria
Metropolitan Museum
of Art
Main Collection New York, USA
Musée du Louvre

Main Collection Paris, France
Museum of Fine Arts

Main Collection Boston, USA
Staatliche Antikensamm-lungen und Glyptothek Main Collection Munich, Germany
Staatliche Museen
zu Berlin
Altes Museum: Antikensammlung;
Neues Museum: Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Ägyptisches Museum,
Pergamonmuseum: Antikensammlung, Vorder-asiatisches Museum, Museum für Islamische Kunst;
Bode Museum: Skulpturen-sammlung, Museum für Byzantinische Kunst;
Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Berlin, Germany
State Hermitage
Main Collection St. Petersburg, Russia
● Specialized Decorated Pottery Databases Online:
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (CVA) Online Decorated Pottery Database Oxford, UK
● Printed Publications:
1974 Athenian Black Figure Vases. London Thames & Hudson
Same Author

1975 Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Archaic Period.   London Thames & Hudson
Same Author

1989 Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Classical Period.   London Thames & Hudson
Same Author

1998 Early Greek Vase Painting. 11th-6th Centuries BC. London Thames & Hudson
LIMC 1981-
Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC). Volumes I-VIII. Indices. Supplementum.   Zürich Artemis & Winkler Verlag

Note(s): (1) A minimalist approach is adopted for the descriptions of the bibliographic entries: in cases of multiple publishers or publishing locations, only the first entry from the full bibliographic description is listed. (2) In cases of modern reprints of important older works, the original publication is listed, with the information on the later edition(s), such as the date of reprint, publisher, and publishing location, placed inside parentheses. In cases of translated works, both the original and English versions are listed. (3) An idiosyncratic universal formatting of the English-language entries is employed: all nouns, pronouns, numerals, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and some categories of determiners are capitalized.

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